About Tickets STL

From the team that brings you St. Louis Magazine, At Home, and St. Louis Family...

TicketsSTL.com is an online ticketing portal dedicated exclusively to St. Louis events. SLM Media Group already brings you the best of St. Louis; now, you can rely on us for simple, secure, and convenient ticket purchasing.

We strive to provide ticketing services for all sorts of local organizations, from small charity groups, artists, and entrepreneurs to the region’s largest festivals, concerts ,and playhouses. No matter what type of event you are interested in attending—cooking lessons, networking lunches, concerts, fundraisers, food and wine festivals—we have you covered.

With our print publications and digital products—St. Louis Magazine, St. Louis At Home, St. Louis Family, and stlmag.com—SLM Media Group delivers award-winning content and signature events. A locally owned and operated company, SLM Media Group creates informative, beautiful publications that serve as the local authority on what's great about the Gateway City.

To sell tickets on TicketsSTL.com, contact Jawana Reid at 314-918-3026 or [email protected].